Crown Point Patio Design

Crown Point Curb Appeal

This corner lot property presented a great opportunity to improve curb appeal and add to the neighborhood. Our clients were new to the area and excited to have an inviting entry space to sit and get to know their neighbors.

Together, we examined the existing landscape elements and created a full site plan to be phased out. In the first phase, addressing the front entry and side plantings, we extended the front walk and added a paver circle to allow for a cozy sitting space and welcoming entry. New flowering plants were installed around the patio to give it soft and colorful accents, and a side bed was created to bring a curve out to the sidewalk. Natural stones also added an updated look to this high-profile corner lot.

For a future phase, we also designed a cozy patio area in the back with new plantings for multi-season gatherings, which would allow our clients to enjoy the back view of their subdivision’s lake.