Crown Point Patio Design

Highland Front & Backyard Refresh

We had a lot of fun working with these clients to create a refreshing new look for their property, allowing them to maximize their relaxation time in their yard. Starting in the front yard, we replaced a recently removed overgrown tree, created a new bed and added properly-sized curb appeal to help avoid future overgrowth.

In phase two, we moved to the backyard, working with a local contractor on a complete redo of the patio and reworking of the landing and steps to even out the surface, creating a flowing seating space to extend the house.

From there, the homeowners were ready to put in some work themselves, so we created a planting plan for them. We considered colors, blooms, privacy, and included a few native plants to enjoy in their backyard space, working around a large shade tree to maintain a cozy feel for their backyard retreat.