Crown Point Patio Design

Valparaiso Native Sedge Swale

This couple came to us looking for an “out-of-the-box” solution, hoping to resolve the water-logged swale along the side of their driveway. The slope of the lawn and how the irrigation sprayed caused constant puddling to the point where the lawn never thrived. Plus, a front bed needed updating and more plantings to enhance curb appeal. After some conversation about our clients’ needs and current landscaping problem areas, we got creative and suggested installing a native sedge swale to not only help soak up the excess water but also add interest to the inferior slope.

Taking into consideration the location and the plantings’ purpose, we decided to blend some flowering plants with functional sedges that can take some water, but also a little drought between rains, and lined the bed with different stones. In the front, we suggested plantings that complimented their front landscaping plants and offered a bigger “pop” while driving in. We graciously gave our design and guidance to the couple so they could implement the plan themselves.